Research on the innovation method of modern mechanical design

  Preface: mechanical design as a complex process, the evaluation of its good or bad certainly can not be said only from one or several sides. However, the final result of mechanical design is the product, the product directly facing the end consumer, so that the most direct reflection of the level of mechanical design lies in the product.

Mechanical design innovation method is also to improve the level of the process to serve, so you can start from the perspective of product quality to the study of mechanical design innovation methods.

Combined with the recent experience, the main ones are the variant use of variable element method, the rational use of new materials and the innovation of 3D CAD and other technologies.

  1.Mechanical innovation design based on the all-round optimization of products

  1.1 Mechanical design innovation based on the stability of the product

  The stability of the product is the key to evaluate its performance. If a machine breaks down frequently, it cannot be considered as a good product even if it operates smoothly.

Through mechanical design innovation to improve the stability of the product, we must use the modern optimization design concept. Modern optimal design includes many factors of modern technology, such as functions, mathematical theories, information technology, etc., and the latest design approaches to arrive at the most optimal design solutions to meet the new requirements of industrial development, where the requirements mainly refer to the stability of the product for mechanical design innovation.

Starting from the original parts, so that machinery and equipment in the parts with more standard specifications, more common in the components, more systematic in the overall equipment, which will use the variant design.

Variant design is based on the type of the original product, the depth of development in mechanical design, which in turn includes vertical and horizontal series, involving the size, parameters and functions of mechanical products and equipment. To increase the stability of the product, it is important that the internal components of mechanical equipment is cured, which involves different process methods.

Products assembled using different processes end up being very different in terms of stability, requiring specific analysis on a case-by-case basis and requiring appropriate changes to the process to meet product performance requirements. This requires a reasonable choice of parts processing technology and heat treatment process and to a certain extent to improve, that is, the scientific variation of mechanical equipment process methods.

  1.2 Mechanical design innovation based on the environmental performance of the product

  With the concept of environmental protection gradually penetrate into the hearts of people, mechanical design can not be linked to environmental protection, green environmental protection machinery gradually step into the field of vision. Accordingly, how to design mechanical products to meet the requirements of environmental protection has also become a major breakthrough point in mechanical design.

Starting from the choice of materials, we should try to consider the use of recyclable, easy to decompose, renewable environmental protection materials.
In addition, the design of structural components to meet the optional requirements of non-toxic and harmless, but also to improve the regeneration rate of mechanical materials for the purpose of trying to follow the principles of low energy consumption, long life, non-polluting, as much as possible to improve the durability of machinery and equipment to achieve mechanized high efficiency.

In terms of environmental protection, the most permanent is the energy-saving design, if machinery and equipment can achieve energy saving, it can be said that “once and for all”. To achieve energy saving, you can consider the use of dual-pump manifold technology, hydraulic load sensing technology and hydrostatic drive technology and other design methods to achieve the purpose of energy efficiency. When it comes to the motor, how to choose the motor is also important. A motor with low noise, low fuel consumption and low emissions should be chosen. If noise cannot be avoided, then the noise reduction processing link in the mechanical design should be increased, which can also be a thinking direction for mechanical design innovation.

  1.3 Mechanical design innovation based on the economic benefits of the product

  The so-called economic benefits, is to achieve maximum benefits, to achieve maximum benefits can be from the process of mechanical design and the results of mechanical design.

On the one hand, modern mechanical engineering innovation design should be combined with market demand and customer requirements, scientific and reasonable control of mechanical engineering design costs. To achieve cost savings, the first step should be to start from raw materials. Of course, the choice of inexpensive and good quality raw materials is the most in line with the requirements, but the fact that such materials are not easy to find, in addition, different materials have their own different functions, and these raw materials for the process processing requirements are not the same, only through processing to get the final desired ideal material, to achieve the standard parameters, so that it is extremely difficult to find replacement materials.

This is the time to use mechanical design innovation. Why do you say so? In fact, the material variation method can be used for the design and research of new solutions for these unworkable materials. In addition, artificial intelligence can also be used to free the minds of designers and reduce the labor of designers, which is an invisible reduction in the cost of production in the link. Artificial intelligence, no doubt, is also a kind of innovation.

On the other hand, from the results of mechanical design, is to make the product sales open, and mechanical design is linked to say that the finished product should be able to attract the audience, the stability of the product and environmental performance has been described in detail above.

The stability and environmental performance of the product has been described in detail above, here will not repeat, here mainly explain the mechanical design innovation in the appearance of the product, the main means is to increase the use of mechanical design in the design geometry, that is, the use of unit coordinate system to analyze the location of the shape division, planning the proportional relationship to give the finished product a stronger sense of coordination. This process can introduce foreign experience and advanced concepts. Only the innovation of mechanical design from the process and the result respectively can ensure the economic benefits to the greatest extent.

  2. Breakthrough point of modern mechanical engineering innovative design

  2.1 Innovation of mechanical designers’ thinking

  Mechanical design personnel thinking innovation can be said to be the root of modern mechanical design innovation. The most fundamental breakthrough in thinking should be the use of artificial intelligence, including CAD technology, ASP-based Internet interface solutions, Browser/Server-based network computing model, SQS Server database, etc., of which the use of CAD technology and database technology is the most common.

In addition to artificial intelligence, in terms of the designer’s own thinking can also be a breakthrough, the most difficult thing here is the stereoscopic nature of the designer’s thinking, that is, the linkage of thinking. The reason why we need to achieve innovative thinking three-dimensional, to maintain the hierarchy of thinking three-dimensional, to achieve horizontal, vertical and reverse thinking unity, is to do when the design weighs the pros and cons, choose the optimal solution. Then there is the clichéd topic of breakthrough, originality and practicality of thinking.

In other words, designers are required not to be confined to the inherent way of thinking, but to actively explore, and strive to develop a better design, but at the same time can not disregard the actual mechanical design, paper. In general, that is, the designers should develop their own thinking in line with the actual situation, and strive for a more perfect design.

  2.2 Explore the innovation of mechanical design links

  When it comes to the innovation of methods in various aspects of mechanical design, in fact, there are many, the next few examples are listed. For example, based on the analysis of the mechanical structure design process, the study of parametric design methods and then transformed to the CAE model of CAD/CAE conversion mechanism, is an effective two-way mechanism.

Another example is the inverse design of the design link, which is mainly designed for error reduction and data reduction. There is also a large number of three-dimensional CAD technology, plus the flexible use of the variational method and its various variational methods in practice, as well as the use of CAM technology, which is also based on IT technology, and the use of IT technology and network collaboration technology, which requires the active cooperation of designers, the latter mainly using the real-time data transmission characteristics of the network. The latter is mainly the use of real-time data transmission characteristics of the network, so that not only can we grasp the dynamic data, but also facilitate the creation of relevant network platforms for designers to discuss, compare and study. The scope of each method may overlap and cross, but they each have the advantages that cannot be replaced by each other, and they are important for the exploration and innovation of mechanical design.

  3. Conclusion

  Innovation is not just a fashionable word, it is a process that can bring direct and intuitive benefits.

Therefore, modern mechanical design is also inseparable from the innovation aspect. As a professional field, the innovation of mechanical design is based on the basic quality of the designers, whose high level of professionalism is essential, together with the subjective breakthrough of their thinking, so as to form the most primitive conditions for innovation. With this foundation, and then based on the selection of raw materials, the design process of environmental protection, the appearance and performance of the product to design a full range of optimization, so as to truly achieve the innovation of modern mechanical design.