How To Use Massage Gun

Bruner reports that there is limited scientific research studying the effects of using therapeutic massage guns. However, “benefits have been shown in improving muscle flexibility, reducing muscle soreness and increasing range of motions of various joints,” he says. These devices do not seem to improve performance parameters, such as sprint speed, vertical jump height or strength. Home exercisers have also searched for tools to help with their recovery and tend to sore muscles, boosting sales of therapeutic massage guns like the Theragun. Percussion therapy accelerates and enhances the repair of muscle fiber by providing rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short – duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body.

Much like foam rollers, massage guns employ myofascial release therapy in order to relieve your muscles of any existing soreness, also known as myofascial pain syndrome. In practice, this involves the stimulation of specific spots within your myofascial fibers — the tissues that support your muscles — in order to reduce tension and tightness. Most of the time, myofascia should feel soft and stretchy, so it’s easy to tell what’s in need of a good massage. Exerscribe’s Vybe Pro looks eerily like the Hypervolt’s cheaper cousin but beats its high-end counterpart in multiple categories. The Vybe Pro has six more speed settings with the fastest crossing the finish line at 3,400 pulses per minute.

It has helped increase range of motion faster and with less effort compared to using a foam roller or lacrosse ball. A percussion massage gun under $100, there probably isn’t any other model that can compare with the Bobbito Massage Gun in terms of being the best buy massager. After months of mostly lying around in sweatpants, I started a new workout regimen late last year to kick my butt into gear. With that came an onset of muscle soreness that irritated me even when I wasn’t exercising. I know that using a foam roller can help relieve tension, but I often find it awkward and painful, especially in tender areas. In non-pandemic times, I would’ve likely gone to a massage therapist, but that’s been out of the question for the past year.

It is one of the simplest massage guns money can buy, and even lacks a battery. The other line of thought is that by using a massage gun post-workout, you’ll prevent muscle soreness and possible injuries. If you do that, you’ll be able to maintain your intensity levels, thereby expediting weight loss. By doing so, the body works more efficiently, increases metabolism and as a result, increases your ability to burn fat.

Deep percussion massage gun high quality with aircraft-grade material

It can provide you with up to 3200 strokes per minute, which means that it is suitable for heavy-duty massage as well. Along with it, you will get a carrying case and a manual as well. With four-speed settings, customizing the performance of this massager is quite easy. Another unique feature of this massage gun is that it can offer you hours of consistent use on a single charge. With four-speed controls, it is easy for you to adjust the speed levels that you want. A unique feature of this massager is that the angle is adjustable.

Yes, there are massage guns that have no handles, so they’re not user-friendly to have. A massage gun seems like a fad for some people because it is the next new muscle recovery tool found on a lot of social media posts. For the TriggerPoint Impact Massage Gun, what surprised me the most is that it only had one massage head.

The powerful unit operates at a noise level below 39-55dB so that it never causes a disturbance. Moreover, it also has six replaceable heads for massaging every body part and easily reaches hard-to-reach areas. You can use the unit for massaging the spine, neck, and arms among others.

We recently wrote up a round-up of mini massage guns due to their portability and lower price. It’s compact, powerful and ultra-maneuverable — so you can press it anywhere on your body you need tension eased or pressure released. It has an ultra-quiet motor, three different speeds and it’s small enough to throw in any bag or pocket when you’re on-the-go. It has a 150-minute battery life and while it has fewer speed options than other guns the speeds go up to 2200 PPM, enough to thoroughly work your deep tissue. If you’re always on the go, we recommend going with this gun or one of the other mini massage guns we’ve covered.

Its eight heads include a heat attachment, cooling gel attachment , a silicone ball, and five acupressure heads . A 120-minute charge via its AC charging stand provides up to three hours of power. Athletes turn to deep-tissue massage for quick pain relief and faster recovery times. Here, a professional masseuse delivers forceful, rapid thumps to a specific area of the body to stimulate a specific set of muscles. Exerscribe makes a few different massage guns, and we’ve previously recommended the brand’s $150Vybe V2 massage gun.

It is very sensitive to your skin and very effective for deep massage. It consists of 15,000 mAh battery which provides you with a runtime of 4 hours. The noise output is minimal, which means that you can use it without disturbing anyone.

Theragun is the trailblazer of massage gun products, and their PRO model is best-in-class. This massage gun is 60% quieter than previous models and offers four unique arm positions to reach every part of the body. The customizable speed range can be controlled via Bluetooth in the Thereagun gun app and toggles between 1,750 to 2,400 percussions per minute. It reaches 60% deeper into your muscle than other massagers to relieve tension at the root of your discomfort. The HDGun is a powerful, hand-held massage gun that allows you to experience professional quality massages from the comfort of your home, office, or on the go. With 5 different attachment heads, the HDGun has a wide range of massage settings to give you optimal pain relief from sore and stiff muscles.

The carrying case is convenient, and the overall design is practical. If after 30 days your massage gun has not helped to relieve you of tight knots, sore muscles and helped with your range of motion, we will give you your money back. Though eye-wateringly expensive, this beast of a massage gun has been so brilliantly designed that you can use it all over your back, by yourself. Its arm can be moved to four different angles and its triangular shape affords you the best grip at all times.

All massage guns come with a handle for holding and an end that goes to your muscles. High-end massage guns sometimes have an ‘adjustable’ speed, which utilizes a chip to ‘read’ the muscle and automatically shift according to the situation. Others will have slower but more impactful force for a specific function. The best massage gun is one that has a long-lasting battery, a good spread of speed settings, is comfortable to hold and operate , is relatively quiet and affordable.