5 easy ways to exercise

Nowadays, many people pay attention to their bodies. Many people want to go to the gym to exercise and keep their weight at a healthy level. However, because of the problem of work and the unreasonable schedule of time, they have to give up the gym exercise. .

In fact, if you want to complete fitness, you don’t need to go to the gym. As long as you have a firm determination to exercise, you can actually complete the exercise plan at home and it will not take much time. As long as you are willing to spend an hour every day, You can let your body get a good exercise effect.

Fitness at home does not need to use a lot of complicated equipment, you only need to exercise with bare hands, you can get a good exercise effect.

So, how can you get a good Ifast Fitness exercise effect at home? Below I will introduce to you 5 simple exercises that can be done at home, so that you can complete the exercises efficiently at home without having to enter the gym.

The first set of exercises, arms and chest expansion

The first action is a physical stretching. Before we start a formal exercise, let the body get a good stretching effect, so that we can avoid excessive strains during exercise.

When stretching, stand up straight, straighten your chest and straighten your back, raise your head, raise your hands, flush with your shoulders, and then extend your hands outwards. The angle of extension can be larger, allowing the body to relax without being tight. of.

The second set of exercises, prone unilateral expansion

After the previous warm-up is over, we begin to exercise. In the second set of exercises, we have to perform a push-up first, and then turn around on one side after getting up, with one hand supporting the body and the other hand extending outward.

The outstretched hand should be stretched until it is in place, as wide as possible, and after the exercise is over, perform the exercise on the other side.

The third set of exercise moves, prone up

Next, enter the third set of exercises. This action is the same as the previous set of actions. First perform a push-up exercise. Then, after getting up, use both hands to make the body bounce.

When exercising, you can tighten your body, keep your lower limbs and upper limbs straight, and tighten your core.

The fourth set of exercises, incline and prone

Enter the fourth group of exercises. In this exercise, we need to keep the body in a downward oblique posture. You can use a stool to assist in the exercise. Put your feet on the stool, tighten your body muscles, straighten your back, and then lie on your stomach. work out.

When practicing, try to support yourself as much as possible. Keep your face close to the floor before getting up, keeping the range of motion in place.

This action can not only help you practice your arms, but also has a good exercise effect on the chest.

The fifth set of exercises, incline and prone

The last set of our exercises is to change the angle, go up and down, support your hands on the stool, keep your body in an inclined posture, and then do prone exercises.

When exercising, keep your chest as close to the stool as possible, stretch your hands back, and move as accurately as possible. Tighten your core during exercise to keep your body stable.

Exercise volume: 4 groups for each action, 10-15 times for each group.

These movements are easily completed at home, and you don’t need to use many complicated things. As long as you focus on the exercises of the movements, I believe that the body will get a good exercise effect.