Tolerance is a kind of love

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In a profit-oriented business era, and in a competitive society ,tolerance, like loyalty, has become a useless alias, giving way to the haggling of wheat awns, at least as a way for you and me to exchange AA accounts. But I still want to say that tolerance is a kind of love.

Tolerance is a kind of love

Tolerance is to allow others to oppose, not to care about others’attitudes, but to take full account of others’ strengths and absorb their nutrition. This kind of tolerance is a warm and transparent lake, so that everything is reflected on the lake, the sky clouds, flowers and water. This kind of tolerance is moving.

We live in a complex and diverse environment. The road under our feet is not always very broad. There are many unsatisfactory things, even things that make us angry and intolerable, which may come up one after another every day. Only when we look down, but also when we look up, can we cut off the water. However, the emphasis on tolerance here does not mean that you simply give in without principle. The core of tolerance is love. Tolerance is not to deal with, to be vain, but to tolerate, to dissolve, to make this more sophisticated, materialized and snobbish rough world more moist. It’s not about everything, everything, everything, everything, you have to fight.

Even though it is difficult for us to be calm for a while, we can become more mellow and fragrant like tea after soaking in hot water. The world in front of us will not be more beautiful, their hearts do not have more comfort?

Tolerance is a kind of love,we must trust , A calculating person,maybe get Conspiracy to succeed,But don’t lose faith in the power of tolerance. The love that you give with tolerance will one day be rewarded. Maybe it comes from your friends, your opponents, your supervisors, or the test of time.

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