How to run a professional business

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Business owners are indeed unusual in character. That’s why they became business owners in the first place. Instead of seeing the world through the eyes of a consumer, they see the bigger picture. They see markets, supply and demand, unfilled niches and future trends. Most important of all, they see opportunities.

Business owners are vastly outnumbered by consumers. We – I’m a business owner myself – have a different perspective on the world. We are unusual, unique, individual. We are odd.

How to run a professional business

This can sometimes cause problems, especially when business owners interact with customers. It is not difficult to find examples of false comments by company owners about their products or customers. These can damage the company’s reputation – thereby damaging its income.

It all comes down to professionals. Fortunately, this is something that can be learned. Here are some tips.

1. The customer is always right.

OK, we know this isn’t actually true. We’ve all had customers who were troublesome, annoying, rude or deliberately obstructive. It happens. No company can avoid it.

But you have to treat them politely and give them as much help as is practical. You have to let them believe that they are right. Because everyone is watching – including your existing customers and potential new ones.

Get this right and you’ll win new business. Get it wrong and your customers will abandon you. So swallow your pride and be nice.

2.Respect your employees

The phrase “human resources” is an unfortunate one. It encourages you to think of your employees as units of production, devoid of feelings. But they are people, with their own needs, desires and emotions.

Empathy is hard for some entrepreneurs to learn, but you’ll need it if you want to get the most out of your staff. Talk to them, listen to them and try to adjust your business practices so your staff feel valued and fulfilled. They will reward you with increased productivity.

3.Think twice

A simple rule, but a valuable one. Before acting on any new decision, think twice: “Am I being professional?” If so, go ahead. If not, rethink your decision.

4.Learn from other entrepreneurs

There’s no shortage of information from other business founders and owners. Web video talks, books, seminars and online courses are available. These will give you insight into ways of doing business that are respectful, efficient and above all professional.

5.Keep your private life and business life separate

You live for your business. That’s understood. It occupies your every waking thought, even when you’re at home. That doesn’t mean you can bring your home life into your workplace.

To give a real example, I have interviewed the CEO of a successful company. A few months later, I spoke to him. He came to his office wearing “Friday’s clothing” and only wore his underwear. He was wearing a young woman in the same body on the chain. Not surprisingly, his business has died and been buried in the months of this very unprofessional activity.

Your workplace is for work, nothing else. Break this rule and your business may never recover.

Please constantly remember, you, as a business owner, should speak and act cautiously, becouse your behavior is being watched all the time. You are the captain of your ship, the embodiment of your business. So lead by example. Be professional in everything you do.

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